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ORIGINAL EFFECT 1/6 Army Attractive – Viola

1/6th Action Figure


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Product Specification:


  • Viola body (head) *1
  • Feet *1
  • High-heeled (with feet)*1
  • Hand *2
  • Revolver *1
  • Cap *1
  • Bra *1
  • Stockings *1
  • Skirt *1
  • Belt (holsters) *1
  • Tie *1
  • Stand *1
  • Comic:Army Attractive Vol.1 *1

    “Army Attractive series is originated by OE. It forms a brand-new legend label which contains comic, doll, board game (cooperate with Board game Design).It’s a story about an unperceivable Dictatorial power rising again in the near future. Its mission is to create a perfect ehthic, being crude to the world. Viola is the first ethic raised, with white skin, light yellow hair, blue-green eyes. She is the accomplice of the evil organization. But Viola changes her side when she have gone through the massacre executed by the organization, and she becomes a fighter against it. Meanwhile, more and more challenges are waiting for her…… ”



Released Date: Feb, 2013