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ORIGINAL EFFECT – Army Attractive “Hasuike Sunayuki”

1/6th Action Figure


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Product Specification:


  • Hasuike Sunayuki body (head) *1
  • Kanzashi *3
  • Standby foot *1 pair
  • Sakuran Wafuku Surcoat *1
  • Wafuku Underdress *1
  • Belt *2
  • Breast Knot *1
  • Vertical belt *1
  • Bondage Cord *1
  • smoke *1
  • Comic:Army Attractive Offical Comic Vol.2 *1

    “Naxi has create “Army Attractive”, Viola. The bio tech warrior. AAtech has reached the highest point of world technology. Many countries has tried to copy it from them, they have succeeded. They are copied by genetic code from the deadbody. Hasuike Sunayuki is one of the success AA warrior from Japan, Sanayuki has the same ability and skill like Viola. She is the best Japanese spy in covered withcorte. According to AA comic Volume 1, Sunayuki is hiding in the shadow and investigating all Viola’s action in the near future, Sunayuki will come out with her own comic. Stay tuned for it.…… ”