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Fun House Zombie Freak Figure in 1/6 Scale

©Copyright ZomBee Toy Company 2013
Proud To Say Made In U.S.A.


Fun House Zombie Freak : Video


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Product Specification:

Product Features:

  • 1/6 Full action base body
  • High detailed head sculpt & hands
  • Cloth overall
  • Axe with wood handle
  • Guther’s Altter Ego monster latex mask (Not Wearable)
  • Traveling wooden crate
  • “Big American Midway Show” decals for wooden crate
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
Note: This high quality limited edition item represents many hours of design, modeling, casting, and refining of its fabrication. Since they are all hand crafted, no two figures are exactly alike !! Proper care will contribute to a long life and many years of enjoyment.