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Wondery – The Catwalk Series 002 Classic High Heels


1/6th Scale

* WLS-CW002A; Pepper Red
* WLS-CW002B; Luxury Gold
* WLS-CW002C; Ocean Blue
* WLS-CW002D; Modern Black

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Product Specification:

  • Height of Heels, approximate 2 cm
  • Length of Shoes, approximate 4 cm
  • Material , PU Leather
  • The product we sell are the high heels in the picture, doll and others are not included.
  • Hot Stuff can stand straightly without stands when it wear this products. (depends on postures, some postures still need stands).
  • This high heels are extremely fit in Hot Stuff. If you can’t put this high heels on your Hot Stuff easily, please use any methods to decrease friction, such us put some oil or lotion on your doll, or let the doll wear stockings or socks.

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