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ZomBee Toy Company Presents Bride Of The Monster (Red-Brown Hair)


Bride Of The Monster : Video


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Product Specification:

Product Features:

  • Limited Edition of 100 (50 pc Black Hair & 50 pc Red-Brown Hair)
  • 1/4 scale pre-painted Resin Statue
  • Cloth Bride Dress
  • Cloth Bandages
  • Real Artificial Hair Implant
  • Real Artificial Eyelash Implant
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Weight 3LBS
  • Measurement 11″H x 10″D x 7″ W
  • ZomBee Toy Company ¬©copyright 2013
  • Note: This high quality limited edition item represents many hours of design, modeling, casting, and refining of its fabrication. Since they are all hand crafted, no two figures are exactly alike!! Proper care will contribute to a long life and many years of enjoyment.