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MC Toys – Russian Spetsnaz-Officer of FSB Alfa with Assault Shield


1/6th Scale


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Product Specification:

  • ltyn helmets with bulletproof glass mask
  • vx600 Radio
  • 3 hole balaclava
  • Gorka E Autumn Mountain Division gowns + pants
  • Fluorescent Recognition arm sleeve
  • Short-sleeved t-shirt
  • Twill Molle defender-2 black bulletproof vest (with a girdle)
  • Radio pouch
  • Rapid Reload AK mag Pouch x4
  • Double AK Mag Pouch
  • Double Pistol mag pouch
  • RGO attack grenade x2
  • Double Grenade pouch
  • BACK pouch
  • FSB patch
  • Flag patch
  • Magazine dump drop pouch
  • Belt
  • Tactical Drop Leg MOLLE Platform
  • Russian AK-104 Assault Rifle
  • 75round drum Magazine x1
  • AK47 30rd Magazine x8
  • SpecterDR Weapon Sight
  • Quick Detachable Double rail AK Side Mount
  • SF-m962 tactical lights with tail line switch
  • US mod grip
  • Stock cushion
  • AK gun sling
  • Stechkin APS automatic pistol
  • Leg pistol holster
  • Pistol mag x3
  • Pistol magazine pouch
  • RGO grenade attack x2
  • Noks Dagger x1
  • Noks dagger sets
  • Kneepad
  • x-boots boots
  • VANT-VM heavy shield
  • Note* Head and Body Not Included

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