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Wondery – Luna v2.0


1/6th Scale


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Product Specification:

  • 1. Luna 2.0 head sculpture (moveable-eye system ) *1
  • 2. Brown and long wig *1
  • 3. Brown eye ball *2
  • 4. Complement of neck *1
  • ◎Not a BJD.
  • ◎Not a toy soldier.
  • ◎Not Japanese OB style.
  • ◎Not realistic style
  • ◎Body、clothes and anything isn’t referred above are not included
  • ◎This products is 1/6 scaled, not real human-being size.
  • ◎This sculpture is handmade, every product might be slightly different with this picture, but we would try our best to make them the same.
  • Special Note* Recommend using white skin colored bodies.

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