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PHICEN LIMITED – Dead World King Zombie

King Zombie is the intelligent, cruel, and sarcastic outlaw biker leader of the zombies. He is on a mission to take over the entire world and he wants control over everyone…alive, dead, and undead.

Executive Replicas and Phicen Ltd. is proud to offer the 1st ever Dead World King Zombie 1/6th figure.

Officially licensed and Authorized Caliber Entertainment LLC ® 2015

New male jointed Phicen fully articulated 1:6 Body

1/6th Scale


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Product Specification:

  • New male jointed Phicen fully articulated 1:6 body * 1pc
  • Head sculpt * 2pcs
  • Interchangeable hands * 6pcs
  • Black leather biker jacket * 1pc
  • Black T-shirt * 1pc
  • Red bandana * 1pc
  • Worn blue jeans * 1pc
  • Glasses * 2pairs
  • Motorcycle boots * 1pair
  • Cigarette * 1pc
  • Earring * 1pair
  • Wood axe * 1pc
  • Specialty Packaging * 1set