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Very Cool – VC 3.0 Female Body Set

VCF-X04A; Asian Black Straight Hair Headsculpt + VC 3.0 Female Body Set
VCF-X04B; Asian Black Curly Hair Headsculpt + VC 3.0 Female Body Set

1/6th Scale


Pictures – VCF-X04A


Pictures – VCF-X04B


Product Specification:

  • Rooted Hair Female Head Sculpt
  • VC V3.0 1:6 Scale Female Body
  • Universal ball shaped and cone shaped head adapters (suitable for all female head sculpts available in the market)
  • Hand Sets: 4 Pairs
  • Two Pairs of Foot Set (Bare Flat Feet & High-Heel Feet)
  • Pair of Long Feet Connector
  • Pair of Short Feet Connector
  • Pair of Leg Heightening Connector
  • Glove-Hand Set: 3 pieces

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