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Winson Classic Creation X COOMODEL – 1/4 Space Adam Color Version

Presents by Winson Classic Creation 10th years anniversary

Adam is the first figure designed by Winson Ma in 2004. In the same year, it got the gold prize in an well-known Action Figure competition. “Winson Classic Creation” was set up in 2006. The series “Apexplorers” was created since then. Its story is based on some environmental protection elements and scientific concept.

The figures of “Apexplorers” were brought to the polar region for promotional photo shooting for three times. In 2008, Adam’s ratio 1:6 action figures were manufactured. It was sold out in a short period of time. We consider it as the most influential character in the story.
In 2016, “Winson Classic Creation” is 10 years old. Destiny has its own way, we corporate with mainland figure brand Coomodel . This is a very big challenge for both of us to break the rules, turning the 1:6 figure into 1:4. We want to keep the originality, as well as get some freshly ideas to the figures. That’s why we apply double-head technique for our design. One of the head is the original Art Form design; the other one shows specifically the miniature texture of the chimpanzee. For the accessories,we designed three sets of gloves: the original palms, astronaut gloves, and palm with very minute texture. Hamlet, backpack and the electronic gun will be included as accessories too. Adam’s equipment is well prepared and handled. We have also installed LED lighting in different areas of the set. It surely will help to create the atmosphere of the galaxy.


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Product Specification:

Product Features:

  • Specialized 1:4 joint body X 1
  • Space suits x1
  • Space suit decompression underwear X1
  • Waist bag x2
  • Sculpture of Ape head x2
  • Astronaut gloves x1
  • Ape hands x4
  • Hamlet with LED lighting X1
  • Jet engine x1
  • Apes DNA collector x1
  • Pair of Space shoes x1
  • Laser Gun with LED lighting x1
  • Spacecraft remote control x1
  • Air pressure regulation of trachea x1
  • Spacecraft armband x1
  • Space suits lock x1
  • Color version included with simple figure stand x1
  • Please note : Final product may vary slightly different from pictured prototype