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TB League – Silver Huntress (SHCC Exclusive)


1/6th Scale


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Product Specification:

  • 1x right boots with armor
  • 1x left boots with armor
  • 1x armor to protect right arm
  • 1x armor to protect left arm
  • 1x waist armor
  • 1x back armor
  • 1x cloak
  • 1x right hand to hold sword
  • 1x left hand to hold axe
  • 1x wrist armor
  • 1x arm armor
  • 1x shoulder armor
  • 1x neckerchief
  • 1x neck rope
  • 1x neck strap
  • 1x head sculpt
  • 1x helmet
  • 1x sword
  • 1x axe
  • 1pair x raglan sleeve
  • 1x left fist
  • 1x left hand to be nature
  • 1x right hand to hold knife
  • 1x right hand to hold sword
  • 1x left hand showing two fingers
  • 1x base
  • 1x cappa
  • 1x female seamless body in medium breast size
  • 1x chest guard
  • 1x protective bottom


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