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STAR ACE – Dracula


1/4th Scale Statue Count


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Product Specification:

The 1/4th Scale Superb Scale Statue Count Dracula Background:

  • Christopher Lee as Count Dracula ¼ mixed media poly resin statue, (Scars of Dracula, 1970) Christopher Lee as Dracula will be the debut figure for Star Ace Toys new line of 1/4 scale mixed media poly resin statues. Featuring Mr. Lee as he appeared in the 1970 film “Scars of Dracula,” this figure captures the beloved movie icon in his most notable role. The artist on this project said that Christopher Lee is the symbol of Dracula for all time. Lee fixed the image of the fanged vampire in popular culture. Now, you can feel the fear of Count Dracula with this large-scale statue. The detailed diorama base depicts the castle where Dracula lived and has recreated the look of the scene from the film “Scars of Dracula.” The fabric costume with swirling cape perfectly captures Dracula’s formal wear as Christopher Lee wore it in the film.

Product Type:

  • Superb Scale Statue, (1/4 scale) Mixed Media with Costume

Product Size:

  • Statue : Approximately H 525mm W 220mm
  • Diorama Base : Approximately H 80mm W 240mm

Release date: Q1, 2018