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DAMTOYS – Heart 5 Bowen

CHAPTER 6:: J’s fighting back
Section 1:Sorry! I filmed the art of no applause

Bowen is a nephew of the Heart of K, head of Heart family. His mother was K’s little sister. Growing up in a prestigious environment and under the influence of his mother, Bowen found an interest in filming since he was a child. He got an 8mm camcorder as a gift from his mother on his 12th birthday, and started filming everything with it. It was his favorite gift and memorized many happy moments.

However, violence and crimes that has been running in the family made him intolerable to the bright and beautiful sides of life. New excitement has found him. One day Little Billy asked Bowen to shoot him beating up some guy, for the purpose of showing how strong he was to his brother. Bowen was forced by Little Billy to pick up the camcorder with shaking hands. He slumped onto the ground when blood spattered all over the lens.

After the shooting, Little Billy invited his brothers and some friends to watch it. Violence seemed so vivid in the shaking footage. Especially when a splash of blood covered the lens, the camcorder has fallen to the ground, filming the beaten guy collapsing in the same frame. These coincidental captures boomed instantly. The documentary stuck Little Billy and other viewers right away. They have never seen anything like this before. It was so vivid and impressive, even they were speechless for a while.
The news spread fast. Many people of the family came to see the film. Bowen became quite popular very soon. Lots of money and favors was presented to Bowen for his artwork. Most of those were violence shots. Yet there were some romantic presentations for wooing girls. Bowen tried to make each film with creativity.

As time passed by, Bowen was bored with these materials. He wanted to shoot a real film for himself. He wanted to become a real director. But the family made a strong point of opposing his filmmaking dream.
Bowen started to work for the family but was never really interested. His dream was not dead yet.
At a wedding ceremony, Bowen got acquainted to a famous producer. He had watched lots of Bowen’s insider films and really wanted to make a gangster film. That producer’s invitation ignited sparks of Bowen’s dream. However, the family still opposed strongly, because they knew how authentic his film might be.

Unable to fight against the family, the chance of being a real director in a real movie was given to a new comer in the filming industry. The result was such a success and won several Academy awards. Of course many scenarios in that movie were not quite real after some artistic processing. Bowen was frustrated while disappointed by the family. He buried his dream and started to take care of things for the family. With the status of his mother and her assistance, Bowen’s influence within the family was growing big.
But whenever in a blue mood, Bowen would play those films made in his youth at his apartment. This was the only thing that could make him happy again.

In the penthouse of a high-end residence, Bowen opened the door with tipsy feelings and a drunken newly-met mistress in his arms. Some familiar noises from his bedroom awoke him. He dropped the girl to sofa and staggered to the room where the noises came from.
Several disc scattered on the ground by the television. Film from his youth was playing.

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